The Grand (alleged) Conspiracy


I once read somewhere “Not everything is a conspiracy, only the important stuff”.

Learning about conspiracies or grand strategies drafted and played at the highest levels of power always gives a rush. One is always eager to listen to such stories because it dazzles them beyond their wildest imagination. Because you can never think of the things that people/organizations do to retain their position or get to the top.

Say in politics, what is the next big move of Modi? or what is Rahul planning to do next to trounce BJP? We get answers to such questions only once has all been done. We think that these politicians and ministers must know everything and that they see it all from such close quarters. Well that’s not true. I am in the industry of politics and I have met many politicians, MPs and MLAs alike. And from what I have learned and observed they are also not fully aware of the big games. Such games concern only the crème de la crème of politics. Only certain trusted lieutenants know and run the show and others are as clueless as we are.

I made the above point because I want to impress upon the fact that big games are played in extremely closed quarters and even though you might think that you are so deep in the organization you may be completely unaware.

Politicians are the smartest bunch of people I have met. They may not be able to solve a differential equation but they can scan a person in seconds, they plan things years or even decades ahead of time and they are great executioners. Rahul Gandhi has become the laughing stock for quite some time now. Names like Pappu or Buddhu are associated very naturally with him. If we can see that the man is incompetent, that he can’t strike a chord with the people or that he can never inspire people the way Modi or even Jyotiraditya Scindia can then doesn’t the Congress top brass see that too. Are they so foolish or arrogant to absolutely rubbish these realities. Do they have no Plan B at all !!

Yes they do. Modi has taken the center stage in Indian Politics since past 2-3 years with his development model, oratory and powerful personality. He has done great work in Gujarat and has flaunted every bit of it too making him impossible to ignore. Leave Congress it is difficult to find any leader in any party in India today who can match his credentials and qualities.

Congress must have realized it long ago (say after UP or Bihar debacle) that Rahul can never compete with Modi and that they need someone else. Ofcourse picking someone from the the pool of Congress politicians is just in violation of Section A of Congress’ constitution which says “Gandhis are always on top”. So what to do. It is not easy to find a solution to this pickle you know. But as I said these politicians spot people in the first glance and even turn problems into opportunities.

Dark clouds loomed over Congress as a spate of scams were unearthed in 2010-2011. In comes Anna movement and his brigade of activists. One is an SC lawyer, one is an ex IPS officer, one is an IITian-IRS-activist, one is a Swami and many more. But wait, who was that third one – IITian-IRS-activist? Lets call him A.

  • Can he speak well and gain people’s confidence – yes infact he speaks quite well.
  • Does he appeal to youth because they are the undecided voters (who love Modi too) and are the game changers in an election – yes he is quite popular in youth.
  • Can he say a story of being an honest, people serving, sacrificing leader (of which Rahul Gandhi is the opposite) – yes yes yes he is all those things.

Well, we may have the solution for Modi !! “Call madam, she might want to take a look into this one”.

You see Modi is a strong personality and he has shifted the focus of 2014 LS elections from party to himself (individual). Since Modi has changed the game so drastically Congress realizes that to counter him they need another personality. Party and ideals rhetoric wont do. Because it is no more BJP vs INC (communal vs secular or High caste vs Backward caste or business sympathizers vs poor sympathizers), it is more than that. All the above aspects are just a part of it. It is about a clean, strong PM candidate vs all parties of India and their cliches. That’s why many people who may not be fans of BJP want to vote for it because they trust Modi. It is not like 1999 where people wanted BJP against Congress.

Anna movement ends and Anna  plans to resurface with the same demands in a couple of months. But now there is a rift in the Anna team. Some people led by A are demanding to enter into politics. Anna is taken aback as to how did that thought cross their mind. “We are activists and it is our job to keep pressure on the Govt to do good work, we are the fifth pillar of democracy, we can’t enter electoral fray, we will lose tack of what we set out to do”. But this team had made up its mind. And they broke apart and formed a party.

In the meanwhile the fourth pillar of democracy (Media) is busy creating a personality cult around A. Making him the fresh face of clean politics of India. Since youth don’t connect to Rahul make them connect to this guy. The youth must completely trust and follow this guy as the hope for India. Something that Modi had managed to do for himself and hence he had become the greatest danger to Congress.

So A starts off with one state, the capital, the heart of India. Since most of our National media channels are Delhi based anyway the “tyranny of distance” wont be an excuse for not giving 100% floodlight attention to A and his new party. Now Congress is going to lose and BJP will garner all the votes that it loses. So it is the most earnest attempt of Congress that the anti-congress vote gets divided between BJP and A so that BJP is kept out of action. Initially people speculated that A will split anti congress votes and finally Congress will win again in Delhi. This was speculated to be the master strategy of Congress. Yes to win back a state that has 7 MP seats!! Those think tanks are much better than this, don’t insult them like this.

What Congress was eying at was LS 2014. Delhi elections are just a stepping stone to make A such a popular figure that he can stand up to Modi in the LS elections 2014. “A” may not damage Modi completely but even if 10-15 urban seats across India can be snatched away from Modi (not necessarily meaning victory for A but to cut votes) it can mean that BJP is restricted to a smaller number and Congress will give outside support to a third front Govt and then fell it in a couple of years to come back to power. Well yes history may repeat itself.

So A was not being prepared to be a vote cutter in Delhi but on a national stage. Why did Rahul Gandhi did more than 20 rallies in Rajasthan and only 2 in Delhi. And Sonia Gandhi did only 1. And no other tall leaders were seen campaigning aggressively across Delhi. It was as if Delhi was purposefully neglected. Sheila Dikshit knew that onion prices are the biggest concern for Delhiites and if that can come down it can bolster Sheila’s position. She kept knocking at the door of Agriculture Ministry for extra supplies but nobody listened. In-fact trucks loaded with onions were to be dispatched from Mumbai for Delhi but it just DID NOT HAPPEN. This is what a senior Congress minister said on the day of result that they tried but it just DID NOT HAPPEN. Do you believe this. We all know what parties are capable of doing in the desperation to retain power. Fetching temporary supplies had suddenly become such a herculean task for Congress and it cost Sheila Dikshit dearly, very dearly.

So the idea was not to split anti Congress vote but to defeat Congress in Delhi so that A could emerge as the victorious warrior, a hero, a HOPE FOR INDIA. Success is the strongest magnet. Once A is successful in Delhi people across the nation will believe him and flock to lend him support. And bam !! exactly what happened. Congress was routed, BJP humbled and A was victorious. And since A’s victory record number of people are applying for AAP volunteers, membership and tickets for upcoming LS elections. On the results day BJP’s massacre of Congress in Rajasthan was not discussed, its 3rd time victory in MP and CG was not discussed, what was discussed was only Delhi. And how A had become a national figure with this achievement. Media was eager to strike off Modi wave because in Delhi A stopped him. Even A has said it that there is no Modi wave. And many media cronies are eagerly asking A to step up to the national level. Despite half the time they had in Delhi for a country 100 times bigger than Delhi media is literally begging A to step up. And A does not disappoint them. He has announced that A’s party will fight LS elections.He says he does not care about wining or losing he just wants to fight elections. He has announced that his party will fight LS elections, even in Gujarat.

Now all this might seem a little far fetched but there is also a link between A and Congress – Mr Y. Y is a senior leader in A’s party and has been the political advisor for Rahul Gandhi for years. Infact he was the advisor to Rahul Gandhi not long before 2012.

Now the stage is set. With 5 months to LS elections NaMo wave will be on the rise. And that will rout Rahul or Sonia or entire Congress for that matter. But now there is another man – A. He is the cult who can stand against Modi. He is the man created to dent Modi’s vote share. I have rarely seen a politician rise so quickly ever in my life. With all good intentions and good work and administrative experience people like Lal Bahadur Shastri, Sardar Patel, AB Vajpayee took decades to make their mark and become a force to reckon with. But Mr A has landed in that sweet spot in much less time.

Now people might say that this is too big a game to go unnoticed from people who are working closely with A such as my many friends and relatives. Hence I wrote earlier that bigger the game, smaller the coterie. Watch Out !!

P.S. – The blog is fictitious and only encapsulates thoughts of the author.


127 responses to “The Grand (alleged) Conspiracy”

  1. kuldeep says :

    So true, read my stand about the same in Hindi. I have given sequence of events, the way AAP came into limelight with the help of congress

  2. Nish Ray says :

    An interesting observation of A’s so called victory in Delhi is that the A party managed to win smaller constituencies where voters/sqKm would be high & A’s door to door campaign was somewhat successful.

    Meanwhile the M wave/Anti G wave has been sustained in larger areas. Eventually A may be able to tap into urban centers with concentrated populus but I don’t see them competing with even C at the national level (especially with the presence of strong regional parties which have nothing to do with B or C).

  3. Vikas says :

    Bhai saheb maan gaye AAP k support ko. Bas 4 mahine pahle yehi sab log Modi gaan kiya karte the… LOL…. Poore blog se to main agree nai karta but One point is definitely true that In this short span i have also not seen any person to become so huge political figure….. Bhai saheb jeete koi b Desh ki kah ke na le bas… 🙂

  4. Abhishek says :

    If congress is so good at playing such games and poor Modi cannot even see through it forget about playing some games of his then PAPPU name is more suitable to Modi Rather than Rahul Gandhi.

  5. amtaryaanam says :

    What a coincidence. I echoed the same views in my website (In Telugu) :

  6. Dhirendra Pratap says :

    or it may be as simple as it looks!

  7. Mukesh says :

    LOL. This article was quite hilarious and quite unintentionally so, I believe. 🙂
    It seems more like a throw-back to the typical early 90’s bollywood story, with its all-knowing, scheming villain at the centre, who is pulling a string here, slackening off there and is hell-bent on destroying the country, usually with the help of Bob Christo-like-foreign-hand. 😛
    On a serious note though, his comic-book like treatment of the whole episode is quite depressing actually, not only because he uses such churlish, twisted ill-logic but also because he brazenly assumes so many things without having an iota of an idea about most of the issues. In fact, at one point, he even states that he doesn’t know of any other person becoming so popular in politics, so quickly, which I think sums up his total ignorance of the context if this whole AAP-thing and also Indian history. I bet the author has never hear of NT Rama Rao or the Asom Gan Parishad. Now,that is not funny at all. :/

    • tanayrajpurohit says :

      Aah a movie comparison !! again !! very innovative. Read it once more, I never said I have never seen a man rise so quickly, I just said that it is rare. NT Rama Rao rose very quickly and I know it and I also know that he was a huge movie star in AP which makes him a god like figure. I am sure with all your worldly wisdom you also know that in South esp in TN and AP movie stars are praised and treated like gods and it is easy for them to command so much clout in so less time. North India is not the same in that respect !!

      • Mukesh says :

        You probably took the movie comparison too seriously! It was just to highlight the ridiculous and simplistic ways of your arguments, and wasn’t supposed to be taken literally.
        Anyway, it isn’t really a surprise that you have twisted the whole 2 year development to suit your narrative, blissfully ignoring all the events which contradict your story. But then that is the whole point of devising a grand conspiracy theory, isn’t it ? Be it of ‘moon-landing never happened’ or ‘Netaji Bose lives’ type variety : to distort the facts and history to satisfy oneself. But yes, you have a very rich imagination, there’s no denying this fact.

        Never mind these offences, what is more concerning is our absolute devotion to singular personalities in political sphere : it is Modi, Kejriwal now, it was Rahul Gandhi 5 years back. It would be someone else, in the future. Our obsession with a single person, who we believe will absolve all of us from our daily wretchedness ( real or imagined), is what the real concern is, not the wild imaginings of a conspiracy-enthusiast. And this obsession is something that is prevalent everywhere, no different in North or south India, as you put. Only the character change….

  8. Aman says :

    Now, let me point two major illogical points in the post….yes…my response is a bit long…sorry about that…but for the personal benefit, it is a sincere request to the reader to completely go through it with patience….

    Firstly, about Mr. Y….the author said “there is also a link between A and Congress – Mr Y….Y is a senior leader in A’s party and has been the political advisor for Rahul Gandhi for years”…..
    This implies that cogress planted Mr. Y into A’s team….first of all I don’t see any reason of doing so….but still if there is any…..then the author hasn’t considered a fact that Mr. Y, who is also known as the think tank of A’s team, works “very” closely with Mr. A….I mean literally….they sit together and discuss things “personally” about all that’s going on in the world…be it framing of any plan or execution of any decision….they do it together….how can it ever be possible that Mr. A will get fooled by Y…..coz then, either Mr. Y would have to be the world’s greatest mastermind-cum-actor, who can fool anybody in person (like shahrukh khan in Don)…or Mr. A be the biggest fool on earth….don’t know about the author….but sounds immensely unrealistic to me…

    Secondly, about Mr. A. In a comment above, the author said himself that “congress was discredited much before his pol-khol days. 2G, Coal gate, Rail gate, Thorium scam, Augusta Wesland, none of these were exposed by A”… other words, he meant that congress (being the far sighted politicians that they are) knew that modi would be a danger much before even being exposed….they needed a solution to the pickle….dark clouds were looming….they needed a problem which could be turned into an opportunity…..and finally then there had come the savior, Mr. A……ok…so far so good !!……………but then in the end the author says THE MOST INTERESTING thing….”people like Lal Bahadur Shastri, Sardar Patel, AB Vajpayee took decades to make their mark and become a force to reckon with. But Mr A has landed in that sweet spot in much less time”……the only interpretation one can derive is that….Mr. A was led into the sweet spot by the congress itself….implying that congress had tainted itself with the scams and ghotale DELIBERATELY so that Mr. A would come and save them from modi…….man!!…..this is a strong contradiction…….first he says that congress didn’t know about Mr. A and then later he says that Mr. A was created by congress itself ??

    To the author:- nice try!! save this wild imagination for a good purpose my friend….I don’t mean to be harsh….but I feel very sad and aweful when people with skills like yours come up with such absurd theories that mislead simple minds !!!

    • tanayrajpurohit says :

      The last thing I want is an approval from you about my skills. And secondly what is with the condescension that I have misled SIMPLE MINDS !! So all people who see the connect the way I do are simple and naive and you are the fountain of knowledge who empathizes with them !! Don’t get too ahead of yourself.

      Now I don’t know if A is a complete fool or not (although his policies suggest that he is one) but my point is that here is a strong connection between A and Congress from just about 2011-2012. Even during Anna days newspapers and said that there are Congress moles in Team Anna. I am simply suggesting a connection. Y must be fooling him or they both know what they are doing or whatever is the case you can’t brush away a strong connect. Then Y also conducts a survey from a company owned by a Congress post holder and the company that did not even exist sometime ago.

      And how did you get to the point that Congress itself did all the scams? I said this was a damage control measure after a spate of scams broke. Had the scams never broke out Congress would not have been in a bad shape.

      • Aman says :

        Yes, I realize that I had lost the essence of a discussion and shouldn’t had said the “misleading simple minds” thing…I am sorry….please accept my apology…

        about the first point, I think, it was quite simple and clear that, given the level of interaction between the top two key founders of their party, Y’s fooling of A seems very unrealistic. It is possible only in movies, where the whole script is prepared beforehand and then executed flawlessly….but in real time…where even personal interaction is undecided in time…such fooling isn’t possible….plus what benefit anyway would congress get at all, by planting Y in A’s team? it makes sense that Y could be just another honest guy who, like A, was a victim of congress and hence joined the struggle of A to fight corruption…

        and about the second one….I understand the damage control part….that’s ok….but you had said that “Mr. A got into the sweet spot too fast, while the others had taken decades”…..what contrast were you trying to make? please elaborate….may be I have misinterpreted you here….

  9. Aditya Goel says :

    i want to ask that if media was keen for kejrival’s success, then why such Anti-AAP opinion polls and exit polls which showed only 6 seats for aap were being aired??

    • tanayrajpurohit says :

      AAP got unusual media coverage is no news. CNN IBN had their fb cover page as AAP’s logo, Karan Thapar infact had a show discussing AAP’s manifesto in detail which is unprecedented. But yes I agree that the OP predictions were wrong and I don’t know how they all showed so less numbers.

    • aseem says :

      To temporarily gain some credibilty..this is how it is done..not one raag all the time

  10. Vivek says :

    Yeah very well. I am impressed by your “insight” and by the “fact” that BJP (with over 100’s of intellects) failed to understand what you could. I am also impressed by the fact that you so eaily missed all those instances where congress led govt did “raids” on these activists and even dragged them to court – but then you will say oh yeah – all was part of BIG Master plan! And the foriegn funding issue just a couple of days before election raised by govt – oh yea, that too! Very “insightful”. After all many people still think Neil Armstrong never landed on moon. I guess you constitute a sixth pillar of democracy – “propangda pillar”.

    • tanayrajpurohit says :

      Wow !! I hvae never seen such condescension without merit…Govt did not raise the foreign funding issue, the High Court did, infact MHA has been very lackadaisical in following through with that matter. Read before you write 🙂

  11. Rohit Singh says :

    What I see here is people forgetting that Mr. A was in action long before the exclusive ‘Anna Movement’ and for those who have followed it close enough, check who brought the team together and how many people knew about Anna before the movement. A little more research to do 😉

  12. plebianreview says :

    Anyways in 5 months A cant dent Modi. Neither do I think there is any wave. Do we the urban votter matter in Lok sabha..dont think so.
    Also Congress is going that is 100% after 10 years of rule in which around 4 years of massive mismanagement you wont expect more. Though regional parties will play the king maker. The sad thing is again India would be ruled by a coalition with mad regional parties. Be it paapu tappu or Modi. I fear the change would be superficial unless there is a strong mandate for any party.

    • tanayrajpurohit says :

      Urban voters will not matters in Lok Sabha ?? Do you know that in Gujarat 70% Urban seats are from won by BJP and only 50% from rural . Infact Modi completely relies on urban voters in Gujarat and there are states bigger than Gujarat in India where that population is even larger.

  13. pratap says :

    interesting analysis

  14. VT says :

    Keep on raising such suspicion on a man out there with a true conscience. For a moment assuming the big AAP game was planned in closed rooms at 10 Janpath, you cannot explain the all-out way in which Mr A went after Vadra. Of course, since your conspiracy theory cant explain it, you simply ignore it.

    Someday when our next generation (and maybe the next after that) would aks us what were we doing when there was a sincere attempt to clean politics off the corrupt and the criminal, many of us would feel ashamed at answering that.

    • tanayrajpurohit says :

      I did not mean to ignore Vadra case I thought literates like you know about it. Vadra and Gandhi family have been facing huge problems from past many years. Infact Gandhi family has said that don’t pay heed to any member of the Vadra family if they promise to get any work done. Priyanka Gandhi and Vadra are also not on most cordial terms for many years infact news have been dong rounds that they are separated. Do you also know that 3 members of close Vadrs family have been found dead under suspicious conditions and I am not even making this up, it is not even a conspiracy, these are facts

    • Arvind Kejriwal says :

      You look like a sincere Kumar Vishwas fan. It’s exactly his words that are in your mouth.

  15. Prakher says :

    I totally agree with the whole blog. But i do not think it is somthing that people can not figure out (excpet for the blind suppoerters of AAP) self.

  16. Ajay says :

    Sorry to say but more than a conspiracy theory it sounds like a hindi movie plot. When u call yourself an Election analyst, people expect you to be neutral, but reading everybit of it, seems like you have a completely biased outlook. How easily you potraied BJP to be the cleanest party and Congress to be gang behind all the sins. If your blog is about politicians, you must agree that the same breed of politicians are existent in both BJP and Congress. If Congress is corrupt, BJP or Mr. Narendra Modi is no less corrupt. Don’t make us believe that BJP is a bunch of fools who could not figure out your great conspiracy theory and also don’t let us believe that you are also a part of Mr NaMo’s online popularity campaign.

    • Write Angle says :

      I never said Modi has not led an online campaign and that he has marketed himself very well. But I can assure you I am no part of that campaign. Secondly, it is my view and it can be biased, there is nothing wrong in it. Have you never heard Vinod Mehta (Outlook), Sankarshan Thakur (Telegraph) or other such editors/political commentators being brazenly ne sided in their view. I never say that BJP is non corrupt. There are many bad elements in BJP too. And this is not an attempt to promote BJP. I just said that A is a way to stop Modi and that Modi is one of the better politicians in BJP and the country. And I most certainly never said that BJP is a bunch of fools who could not figure this out. If this is true (it is only a thought I have for now) then I am sure BJP leaders know it as well. In fact AAP has faced more mud slinging and opposition from BJP.

  17. Palash Mitra says :

    Quite the interesting read. The connects are plausible for sure & I would not put it past the Congress think tanks to come up with such alternate strategies given the circumstances of the scams & Modi’s manufactured rise. Damage control & using situations to their advantage has been Congress’ forte since Nehru I’d guess!

    I’ll refrain from jumping to conclusions just yet, but the facts & arguments do suggest there’s more to this than meets the eye, which is pretty much always the case when it comes to politics. Funnily enough fanboys across all 3 involved parties will contest your claims. Heh keep digging. Will watch this space.

    • Write Angle says :

      Yours is probably one of the first comment that sees this blog in the right perspective. This is no conclusion but some connections are too thick to be ignored and when it comes to politics it counts a lot.

      • kuldeep says :

        Rajpurohit sahib, agar aapki baat janta ko samajh aa jaati to AAP jeet ti hi nahi delhi me. Day one se clear hai ki congress ka plot hai poora just like chiranjeevi, and NCP. dikkat yah hai ki padhi likhi janta politics follow karti nahi hai to jo aadhaa adhoora gyan media me aata hai wahi such maan leti hai. Urban votes counter karne ke liye AAP laayi gayi, isme koi shak nahi hai, aur aane wale time me modi se comparision shuru ho jayega kejriwal ka jaisa ki ho raha hai aajkal- kejriwal ke speech live dikhaye jaa rahe hai, modi ki rallies ka live coverage band ho gaya hai. jhoot ko sau baar bolo to such lagta hai. i too wrote about the sequence of events which happened in delhi, take a look, it seconds your opinion –

  18. Rahulul says :

    This is a wonderful read. Points very well put. I seem to agree with you totally in this. The grand plan is to prevent BJP from reaching to the magic figure of majority by hooks or by crooks. Only in this case the crooks have brooms in hand.

    I think after seeing the mess in Delhi with no govt in sight and only people suffer due to no-govt situation, Indians should realize what is in store for the future. Let us hope the voters can see through the grand plan and vote in an educated manner.

  19. sandeep says :

    Good story….

  20. mishrajee says :

    Read the entire post and it completely goes with my thought process. While people might say that this looks like a movie plot, one should understand that none of this is impossible, especially with Congress. There are examples to prove this phenomenon as well, be it the rise of MNS in Maharashtra or Jagan Reddy in AP). Even in the world politics, this phenomenon is not unknown. US has been playing this kind of politics since long by promoting Osama and Saddam Hussain though, to normal people, they were biggest enemies of US. However there is something which disturbs me. Politicians are undoubtedly the smartest bunch of people and BJP is no exception. Can’t NaMo and party see through the entire conspiracy? They seem to be giving “A” a chance to form a government in Delhi (I very well know the compulsions of this) which might prove suicidal to them. How are they planning to counter this conspiracy?

  21. Ameya Ajit Ranade says :

    Although this can play out against Congress as well. In Delhi, AAP cut into standard poor man vote share, which middle class party BJP couldn’t. For all you know, this move can cost Congress dear. But, in long term, it’ll certainly hurt BJP.

  22. Parag Barjatiya says :

    Since he is mentioned to be smart dint A knew about what could be the possible cause of complete success, I mean if you can figure this out or others can understand in some time or more then he is in center of it and my bet is he would be knowing much more than we can ever discuss. I do support Modi over A but even if he is the play card of Congress they they are again doing the mistake like bringing in MNS to beat BJP/Shiv Sena in Maharashta. A seems like a long term player and he is gonna be a tough one to remove easily.

  23. S N says :

    Most people don’t think more than a few seconds about politics. Politics is all about strategy. Politics happen in all organizations. To be a leader, you should know very well how these are played. Either A is a very smart politician, who knows how to play the game or he is a partner in the bigger congress game. That’s it. Right now I am in a wait and watch mode.

  24. Mr Y says :

    Mr Y seems to be a lot like Prof Snape.

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